Through my art, I want to tell the stories of my Anishnaabe people. Sometimes I want to tell my story, specifically, as an Ojibway woman navigating 2 worlds, striving to hold strong to my traditional beliefs within the constructs of dominant society. My work has to do with identity, and is a part of the Indigenous voice as a whole. So I am telling all of our stories.  At the root of it, I want to show people the strength, vitality and determination of our people. I am trying to show our spirit. I have an interest in conveying life energy & the idea of interconnectedness in a visual way. I strive to show the truth we know as Indigenous people about spiritual energy; that there is more to this life than we can see, so I suggest layers in my work - layers to reality. I want to provoke the question and give time to linger on the thought: Where does our world stop and the spirit world begin?